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May 19th 2019 Pastor David’s All-Age Message

May-19th-2019-Gifts-Galore-From-Father-Son-Holy-Spirit-ScriptDownload May-19th-2019-Gifts-Galore-from-Father-Son-Holy-SpiritDownloadRead more

May 12th 2019 Pastor David’s Message

May-12th-2019-From-the-Holy-Spirit-1-Word-of-Knowledge-WisdomDownloadRead more

Major Building Works at Dorking URC

Major building works will begin at Dorking URC on 7 May and continue for approximately 3 – 4 months. This will cause disruption although every effort will be made to keep this to a minimum. Areas particularly effected include the passageway between the worship area and the

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Prayer for the work of the church

Dorking United Reformed Church runs, supports and sponsors a wide range of activities.  We strive to provide a programme that caters for people of all ages, and at all stages in their journey of faith.  At the heart of all the activity is a community of people

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Easter Sunday April 21st 2019 Pastor David’s All Age Message

Easter Sunday April 21st 2019 FS TextDownload Easter Sunday April 21st 2019 Mistakes we make when seeking JesusDownloadRead more

Palm Sunday Pastor David’s Message

Palm Sunday April 14th 2019 Good News from Doctor Luke Humble and Weeping 20DownloadRead more

April 7th 2019 Passion Sunday. Pastor David’s message

April 7th 2019 Good News from Doctor Luke 19Download April 7th 2019 Hey Tract.pptxDownloadRead more

March 31st 2019 Pastor David’s Message & Family Talk

March 31st 2019 Beggars one and all for the Kingdom GNDL 18Download March 31st 2019 Blind but now I see LMB 2019DownloadRead more

March 24th 2019 Pastor David’s Message and Lorna’s Family Talk

March 24th 2019 Good news from Doctor Luke 17 Rich Young RulerDownload March 24th 2019 Camels and NeedlesDownloadRead more

March 3rd 2019 Pastor David’s Message

March 3rd 2019 Luke 13 Healing on God's Day OffDownloadRead more