Excitement in the DURC fold

There is a stirring in the DURC sheepfold as our flock of 40 sheep start heading out into the community to take their places in the windows of different Dorking shops for the annual Sheep Trail. Can you find their names?  Maybe your name will be on one of them?

You can download list of shops and instructions below. Simply note the name of the sheep from the Tag on its neck next to the name of the shop you find it in, and if you find the Sheep marked with ? add your name or a name of your choice in the space on the form.

The sheep will be out and about from Sunday 24th November and rounded up on Monday 23rd December to be back in  church in time for Christingle on Christmas Eve. Completed forms may be returned to the box in the church lobby, just inside the Blue Doors from the church garden. Simply place your form in the box and collect your reward.