New International Mission Project for Dorking URC

For over eleven years Dorking URC has supported WellFare as its International Mission Project. WellFare was launched in May 2006 following a visit to the BMK school in Uganda by DURC members Ted and Jane Bellingham as part of their involvement with the Send a Cow charity. The visit resulted in a project aiming to raise £4000 for a well to secure safe drinking water for the school. The support was such that over eleven years circa £150,000 ended up being raised either directly or working with other charities, which has enabled additional classrooms and latrines to be built; solar power to be installed; a playground erected; dairy and fish farming to start; and other aid to be given.  In addition, a number of school pupils have been sponsored through secondary school and college and a twice-yearly grant has been paid to help finance teachers.  On two occasions groups from the church have visited the school.  In 2017, a grant from Rotary Foundation of £34,000  enabled more land to be cleared for cultivation and a poultry unit to be built with the aim of making the school financially self-sufficient.

In March 2018, the Church Meeting voted to support a new international mission project and raise funds to purchase Laundry Appliances for the Lady Nye School in Chennai, India which was founded in 1950 with the aim of bettering the lives of children from disadvantaged backgrounds.  Whilst visiting the school recently, DURC member Janice Brown was informed of a real need for laundry appliances there.  The ninety plus children’s clothes are currently washed by hand and dried outside on a clothes line.  With limited changes in clothes, drying times can be a real problem for the children, especially during the rainy season when drying can take days.  This new project aims to raise 677,250 rupees (about £7,525.00) to provide and install an industrial washer, hydro extractor and dryer.  Look out for various fundraising events and activities over the coming months as Dorking URC embark on this new project.