Messages and Family talks

Download Pastor David’s weekly messages here, you can find the most recent services at the top:

Beatitudes Continued

18th February: Talk 2 Am I Light (Dialogue)

18th February: Talk 2 Am I Light (PowerPoint)

18th February: Talk 1 Am I Salty (Dialogue)

18th February: Talk 1: Am I Salty (PowerPoint)

11th February: The Heavenly Citizens Charter 5

4th February: The Heavenly Citizens Charter 4


Dorking Week of Christian Unity

28th January – Unity so that Dorking may Believe


The Beatitudes. 

28th January – The Heavenly Citizens Charter 3 – Blessed are the meek…

21st January: Family Talk – Be Attitudes

21st January: Be Attitudes Powerpoint Presentation Script

21st January: Message – Get Some Attitude (Revised 2018)

21st January: Get Some Attitude – Powerpoint Script

14th January: The Heavenly Citizens Charter 2 – Blessed are those who mourn

7th January: The Heavenly Citizens Charter 1 – Poor in Spirit


1st January 2018: Jesus Take me as I am



Christmas Services:

25th December: Christmas Day worship

24th December: Jesus Take me as I am

17th December: Is Jesus the Reason for the Season

17th December: Carols by Candlelight

10th December: Holy Mary’s to tranform Dorking

3rd December: Holy Joe’s, Men to Transform Dorking


[The documents for 28th November; Foundations 12, are currently unavailable]


19th November: Foundations for Growth 11: The Lord Bless You


Remembrance Sunday

12th November: Victorious cross talk

12th November: Victorious Cross Presentation

12th November: Boy Scout wins Victoria Cross

12th November Victoria Cross – Jack Cornwell


Bonfire Night Weekend

5th November: Praying Church creates heavenly Fireworks

5th November: A Praying Church creates heavenly Fireworks Family Talk

5th November: Foundations 10 A Praying Church


29th October Acts of the Holy Spirit 27 Rome at Last

29th October: Missionary Mouse Continuing Story


22nd October: The Gospel on Trial


1st October: Jesus’ I am Sayings Quest presentation

1st October: Acts 18-19: Three things the Lord wants us to see


20th August – Acts 12 – Release for Prisoners

20th August – Acts 12 Family talk – Wired For Sound


6th August – Missionary Mouse Whole World In His Hands (text accompaniment)

6th August – Acts 10 Family Talk Missionary Mouse, the Whole World


30th July – A Heart Transplant


23rd July – Fools for Jesus


25th June: Acts of the Holy Spirit 5: Church without hypocrisy


4th June: Missionary Mouse talk

4th June 2017: A New Paradigm

4th June: Acts 3 Family talk

4th June 2017 Service leaflet


28th May Acts of Holy Spirit 2

28th May Acts of the Holy Spirit 2; Family Talk

28th May Service Leaflet


21st May Be a Missionary Mouse

21st May Timeline

21st May Intro

21st May Welcome

21st May Service Leaflet


14th May Acts of the Holy Spirit 1: Church built on Testimony

14th May 2017 Service Leaflet


7th April Foundations 9 Passing on the Spiritual Baton (1)


30th April Foundations 8: Giving

30th April 2017 Service Leaflet


Journeying with John:

23rd April Service leaflet

16th April 2017 I Believe in the Resurrection – Easter Sunday

12th April 2017 Jesus Prays – Holy Week

11th April 2017 The Work of the Holy Spirit – Holy Week

9th April 2017 Service Leaflet – Holy Week

9th April 2017 True Vine, Palm Sunday – Holy Week

2nd April 2017 Lift High the Cross Over Dorking

2nd April 2017 Service Leaflet

26 March 2017 Service Leaflet

26 March 2017 I am the way, truth, life

19 March 2017 Service Leaflet

19 March 2017 Family Communion Leaflet

19 March 2017 The Churches Party

19 March 2017 The Churches Party Presentation

19 March 2017 Communion Word Search

12 March 2017 Extravagant Love to reveal an Extravagant God

5 March 2017 Service Leaflet

5 March 2017 Remove the Grave Clothes

26 Feb 2017 Service Leaflet

26 Feb 2017 Sheep meet your Shepherd

5 Feb 2017 Service Leaflet

5 Feb 2017 He is Lord! John 7

29 Jan 2017 Service Leaflet

29 Jan 2017 Feeding the Multitudes

22 Jan 2017 Service Leaflet

22 Jan 2017 Healing at the Pool

15 Jan 2017 Service Leaflet

15 Jan 2017 This water or the water I give

8 Jan 2017 Service Leaflet

8 Jan 2017 You Must Be Born Again

1 Jan 2017 Service Leaflet (inc. 25 Dec 2016 too)

1 Jan 2017 New Wine into New Wineskins

1 Jan 2017 New Wine Powerpoint

18 Dec 2016 Service Leaflet

18 Dec 2016 Who is this Jesus John 1

18 Dec 2016 Risk Assessment for Christmas Carols

4 Dec 2016 Service Leaflet

4 Dec 2016 Recognise Receive Rights Relationship


27 Nov 2016 Service Leaflet

27 Nov 2016 Grace Community Jesus Shaped

27 Dec 2016 Foundation Summary Family  Talk

20 Nov 2016 Service Leaflet

20 Nov 2016 Unity So That Dorking May Believe

20 Nov 2016 Fireworks or Unity Family Talk

13 Nov 2016 Service Leaflet

13 Nov 2016 Put your life on the line

6 Nov 2016 Service Leaflet

6 Nov 2016 Faith

30 Oct Service Leaflet

30 Oct 2016 Baptism

23 Oct 2016 Service Leaflet

23 Oct 2016 Repentance

16 Oct 2016 Salvation, Gods Gift to Dorking

16 Oct 2016 Foundation 2, Salvation

9 Oct 2016 Keys Family Talk

9 Oct 2016 Foundations 1 Relationships, no other way to win Dorking